How do I spell eczema April 27, 2016 00:00

I don’t know about you but whenever I type in an uncommon word I rely on my wonderful computer to know what I’m talking about and do its job auto-correcting my spelling.  In my mind eczema should be spelt xcema or exzma! Other miss-spellings I have come across include eczima, ezema, exama, eximina oh I could go on. As I type I can see those red underlined words shouting at me! Who needs to spell the word correctly anyway when it is enough trouble managing the Simpsons sorry I mean symptoms.

The word eczema (got it right this time) has its origins from the Greek word ekzein.  This dates back all the way to 1753 and literally means “something thrown out by heat” ek – meaning out, zein - meaning boil. A name given from ancient practitioners to “any fiery pustule on the skin.”  To them they are creating a word from the appearance of boiling skin. Sounds lovely eh? So it goes from ekzein to ekzema to eczema (pronounced EK-zeh-ma). 

So how about atopic dermatitis, it sounds a bit more clinical.  Atopy comes from the word allergy and dermatitis meaning skin inflammation. This could seem like another fancy word for dry skin.

If, like me, you were curious about other versions of the same word check out these beautiful translations; perhaps Thai: โรคเรื้อนกวาง or even in Hindi खुजली? I think it looks far more impressive or elegant than having the condition feels.

Whatever the spelling or term you give it, if you’re an eczema sufferer have a look at our tried and tested product ECZACOL for effective relief from the symptoms of eczema.

*Please remember to always seek medical advice. This article is written generically about eczema and should not supersede any advice received by a medical professional about an individual condition. If you think you have eczema, atopic dermatitis or any other condition get the advice of your Family Doctor especially before beginning or changing any course of medication.