How do I treat eczema on my face? April 20, 2016 00:00

Eczema on your face does pose a beauty challenge. Masking delicate areas with make-up can make the symptoms of eczema worse and potentially draw attention to problem areas. Did you know the skin on your face is the thinnest on the body so it can react more sensitively to any product you use especially around the eyes and mouth area.

No make-up or facial cleansers have a complete answer but there are some great products out there to make you feel very presentably "human again". There’s even some that claim to be so free from chemicals you could eat them. Have a chat with your doctor or dermatologist first before trying any new product, as they may be able recommend what’s best for your individual skin condition.

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Make-up tips:

Prepare the skin first and foremost with an oil-based moisturiser. Eczema prone skin can feel more like sandpaper than satin so always start with a rich base. The oil content gives a better barrier between your skin and foundation and keeps your skin hydrated for longer. For an easy natural make-up look you may want to stick to a tinted moisturiser.

Avoid any crumbly concealer and blushers that might cake on your skin. Creamier foundations are the way to go for drier skin and can be combined with moisturisers. Do a 24-hour test of make up on a small area of clear skin (perhaps along your jawline) to check for any reaction.

Take care with any eye cosmetic. Try using a gel liner rather than pencil to avoid pulling the delicate skin area.

A couple of ingredients to avoid:

Fragrances – synthetic scents can cause flare-ups. Even items labelled as “unscented” can still contain a fragrance to mask out other chemical odours.

Lanolin – It’s a pore blocking substance and some people have a reaction around the eye area when using lanolin-based make-up.

So if you do use make up: keep it light, select carefully and only wear when you feel it’s necessary. Check out the ingredients that can set off any eczema reaction and when you find the right products for your skin – stick with it.

Oh and always remember to gently clean away any make up before bed and get your skin-replenishing moisturiser on.


Some recommendations:

Exederm - Is recommended by National Excema Association

World Organic - A personal preference of mine for make-up, moisterisers etc. – world organic! They have a great range of products, and advice on chemicals you might want to avoid.

Clarins - Ideal if you want to buy from the high street or local mall 

Here is a site with some good product and make up tips for eczema sufferers - Get The Gloss