What does IBS feel like? December 02, 2015 10:00

Sometimes it can be hard to know if the pain or discomfort you are feeling is IBS related or something else. Anxiety itself can often worsen symptoms so if you are concerned make sure you visit a medical professional for advice.

Although each person’s experience may vary, here is an example of what a sufferer of IBS may experience:

Abdominal Pain: Typically IBS abdominal pain is relieved once a person has evacuated their bowels. This pain is usually caused by cramps or spasms in the intestines and will feel tight and often like a stabbing pain. The pain is usually located in the abdomen or lower stomach area. A key diagnostic measure of IBS is if that pain stops following a bowel movement.

Bloating: After an IBS episode is triggered (perhaps by food or environment) you may experience a bloated feeling. This is usually uncomfortable rather than painful and can feel as though there is pressure. The stomach may become visibly swollen although sometimes the symptoms are felt rather than seen. Bloating may be accompanied by an increased urgency or frequency in urinating.

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*Please remember to always seek medical advice. This article is written generically about IBS and should not supersede any advice received by a medical professional about an individual condition. If you think you have IBS or any other condition get the advice of your Family Doctor especially before beginning or changing any course of medication.