IBSACOL and IBS-C and IBS-D August 12, 2015 15:00

If you have been wondering how one pill could treat both the constipation and diarrhea symptoms associated with these two different types of IBS then this is for you:

Laxatives and antidiarrheals both work to combat individual symptoms of IBS. Each can be effective in their application, particularly as it helps with painful and often embarrassing symptoms allowing sufferers to do many of the normal activities they feel they otherwise could not.

Where IBSACOL differs is that instead of increasing or decreasing the peristalsis (contractions) in the bowels to help control bowel movements it goes to the source of the problem, increased inflammatory response in the bowel. By boosting the body’s natural response to inflammation (Anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10) the conditions within the bowel remain normal and no constipation or diarrhea is triggered.